F2F Class Notes (Nicholas)

Next Class Focus

Nicholas will complete the vocabulary examples.


picky / 挑剔

cousin / biao jie 

e.g. They are my cousins, but we are close like sisters.

lazy / 懒

pursue / pursuing / 追求

tough / 艰难

appear/ 出现

fickle / 善变

womanly / to be like a woman

makeup / 化妆


when I eat dinner and go to her homeafter I eat dinner I will go to my aunt’s home / I am going to eat with my friend and then go to my aunt’s house

 we are family like togetherwe are together all the time – we are like a big family

sometimes I will go to their home

or spend times time on the weekdays

when I finish my dinner go to her home

my sister is always single – but when she find finds a boyfriend maybe I can’t won’t go to their her home

another auntie is has a daughter

I think I am is happy and I like friends / I am very social and together and I have some interesting  / I am a very social person – I think I have lots of interests – I’m an interesting person

she like alone and she dont like new friends / she likes to be alone / she doesn’t like making new friends

American girl girls like what kind of men?

I like to make friend / I like to make friends

Russia womenRussian women / women from Russia

handsome when he get married / he will be very lazy when he gets married

a lot of men like women / a lot of men act like women

my thinking isn’t like a typical Chinese person