Demo Class Notes (Yvonne – Li)


– Works in marketing and has studied English previously but lacks practice, wants to work in an international firm 

– Focus on work-related topics (meetings/writing emails/presentations/F2F communication with foreigners) and sometimes general life topics 

– Needs to make complete and longer sentences + review some grammar rules (tenses)

Listening: 3
Speaking: 2
Pronunciation: 2
Writing: 2
1 year

推荐课程(每周)/ Your Recommended Course (Weekly)

F2F: 2

Writing: 2

Thank you for coming to meet us! It was really lovely meeting you. If you have any questions about the notes or anything, please just ask us. 🙂
Jesse & Judy


archery – 射箭

frequently – often

ex. Do you speak English frequently?

ex. I don’t exercise frequently.

coronavirus/COVID-19/virus – the new disease

romance – love story

science-fiction – any story that talks about space, the future and aliens

suspense – any story that doesn’t tell you everything until later

ex. I am a big fan of suspense movies.

apply for a new job/change jobs/get a new job  

casual trip – relaxing and enjoyable


verb 1 (changes) + to + verb 2 (base form)

ex. I want to work on my English.

ex. I want to go on holiday tomorrow.

ex. She wants to buy a new dress.

When you list a few things:

apples, bananas and oranges

air, water, flower and mountain

and before the last item on the list

regular past tense -ed 

want –wanted 

watch – watched

irregular past tense

ride – rode 

take – took 

choose – chose 

Speaking exercise

I want to apply spoken English for work.

I want to improve my/work on my spoken English for work.

I work in marketing and in a Japanese company.

I work in the marketing industry and in a Japanese company/I work in a Japanese company as a marketer. 

Yes, I want change to a new company.

Yes, I want to change/move to a new company/I want to apply for a new job.   

I can’t do now because of the virus.

I can’t go now because of the virus.

(I like) love stories/romance, science-fiction, suspense and comedy.

Guilin, in September, just chill around, enjoy the beautiful view and just have a rest. No, with my friend. Because of the beautiful view and I just want to have a rest so I choose somewhere and there will don’t have too many travellers.

(I went to )Guilin in September. I just chilled/relaxed, enjoyed the beautiful view and just had/took a rest. No, with my friend. Because of the beautiful view and I just wanted to have a rest so I chose a place that didn’t have too many travellers.

We went to a beautiful park and drive a motorbike and going around the park. Many flowers and river and fresh air. Not very much since the purpose of this travelling is just have a rest, casual so I don’t want da ka.

We went to a beautiful park and rode an electric bike and went around the park. Many flowers, river and fresh air. Not very much since the purpose of this trip is just to have a rest/it was a casual trip so I didn’t want to visit many places.

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