Vip Class Notes (Tony)


3 things

the color is really fashion stylish/cool

he has really ostentatious style, he always wears some crazy clothes that really stand out

he takes fashion risks

if you have some guanxi you can pull some strings and bend the rules

humans should think of themselves as ingrained in the natural world but not the rulers of it

I think it can be ok to jump on the bandwagon to fit in.

there’s always a cheat code to get freebies in games

pull some strings – to get some special help

bend the rules – not quite breaking the rules, but still doing sth. wrong

old fashioned – very old style, maybe your grandparent’s style

eg: I received an old fashioned message from my friend i the mail, it’s called a letter.

out of style/ season – not good style anymore/   Not sold this season

eg: Fedora hats are really out of style

break it in – to use it enough so it’s more comfortable or normal.

eg: These shoes are too tight, I need to break them in.

xenophobic – you think your countries people are inherently better and superior

eg: Some xenophobic citizens want to send all immigrants back.

nationalist – very proud of their country, possibly have a dislike for foreigners

eg: Nationalist politics is a global trend.

Maglev – magnetic levitation, uses electromagnetic rails to propel a train or object.

eg: Maglev trains are propelled by magnetism.

eg: The hyperloop is a transportation system designed by Elon Musk, that uses electromagnetic propulsion in a friction-less vacuum tunnel.


Due Saturday:

Find and read three articles about the Hyperloop. Tell me one unique thing from each article.