VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Review todays words and try to use them in some writing.

Speaking exercise

we have the schedule and i can see all the work for the whole day. There is every patient’s name in the schedule so it shows me what I should do today. My nurse will bring the first patient into my room and then I ask them “what’s the problem?” and “what can I do for you?”


summer holidays / winter holidays 
eg. my son has summer holidays from July to August every year

(if / when) i read the words i understand

i took breakfast and went to the clinic – I had breakfast and then went to the clinic

if it’s the first time for them to come

just a general report < > a detailed report

fill in / fill out a template 

patient’s record – bing li

recently – zui jin

treat – to help someone recover

have / there is
eg. I have a phone and I have some money
eg2. There is a phone on the table, and there is a student in my room.

he / she / them (1 person)

take / took – to take the opportunity to do sth
eg. I will take lunch (at work)
eg2. I will take a holiday tomorrow (your company gives you a holiday)

wisdom teeth – zhi chi

inflamed – red / big
swollen – zhong de
eg. my foot has some inflammation so it is swollen

it will hurt / you will feel pain /it will be very sore / it will be very painful 

suggest / advise (v)
eg. I suggest that women take out their wisdom teeth before they have a baby

suggestion / advice (n)
eg. it is my advice that women take out….

pull / take out < > put in
eg. I pull teeth / I take out teeth when they are infected or inflamed

cavity – black hole
eg. you have a deep cavity in this tooth and it has passed the 2nd layer