F2F Class Notes (Georges)


Review last week’s notes and this week’s notes.


experience– something you have done before

i.e. I have experience working in marketing

strict- to follow the rules closely

i.e. the government is very strict regarding visas

resources-things that can help you

register a business/ get a registration OR permits

signature- to write your name on a paper

i.e. please put your signature here.

discuss- to talk about

i.e. we discussed his situation, and reached a decision.

expire –to go bad, to not be good anymore

i.e. the milk expired, you cannot drink it anymore.

tax- money you have to pay from your salary

i.e. last year, I had to pay more tax than this year.

EXPRESSION: We will start from scratch– to start from the very beginning.

We will register the company

We don’t much money, or employees, (we don’t have many resources)


my boss dead- my boss died

we believe each other- we trust each other OR we believe in each other 

in current company- in my current company

I always detail with my co-workers- I always discuss with my co-workers

if he wants to another new company- if he wants to work for another company

he can apply to a working visa- he can apply for a working visa

he MUST pay tax or else, he MUST  go back to his country.

he not choose- he cannot choose 

you wants- you want