Profile Update Class (Jesse)

recommend – use the vocabulary from all of your classes to do some writing
speaking – slow reading focusing on AEIOU in particular
writing – focus on past tense & make sure each phrase has consistent tense

change to self correction + pronunciation
writing homework
conversation + review class

listening 3.5
speaking 3.0
reading 2.25
writing 3.25

afraid / scared / worried / concerned 
afraid of some work – concerned about some work 

we had to ready to do sth – we had to get something ready 

i had to went to 4 different brandsI had to go 

anything (0 – 1 or more) / everything (all)

change – ch AY nj


plaen = playn

finished – pronounce the “shhh”

brand display way the way to display the brand

if have some customer did something wrongif there are some customers who did something wrong

If there are some customers who did something wrong.