OpenF2F Class Notes (Cricket)***


Walk slower and see how fast you travel.”

What do you think it means and what is the possible lesson to be learned from this quote.^^


Our yoga teacher used to be more fat. Our yoga teacher used to be heavier.

  • If you were planning a big party for all your friends, and had all the money you needed, what would you have at the party?

I want to invite all the famous band come to the party. I would invite all the famous bands to come to the party.

  • If you were planning a party on a very small budget, what would you do to make it a great party?

I would buy a KTV machine. Guess who I am game. Where you write someone’s name on a paper and they put it on their forehead and guess. 

  • If you were invited to a fancy dinner with the president or a celebrity, what would you do to prepare?

I would wear a suit dress.

  • If you were going to listen to a song to before you died, what song would it be? Why?

I would want to listen to a new song.

  • If you were a rich man, where would you go for the next holiday?

I want to go to Europe if I have enough money.