OpenF2F Class Notes 4th April (Celeste)

I went back from Suzhou.I went to Suzhou. / I just came back from Suzhou.

half an hour

It’s a lovely and little city. –  It’s a lovely, little city.

Hanzhou and Suzhou we always take them as the most beautiful cities in Southern China. – Hanzhou and Suzhou we always think of them as the most beautiful cities in Southern China.

Shanghai is a big and modern city. –  Shanghai is a big, modern city.

famous famirs  ( fay mis )

latte ( lah tay )

Regarding marketing work, I think one of the most exciting part is that you always make or try to make surprises to your consumers. Today a new kind of beverage aroused my interest because of its flavor, package, and exclusive trial in Familymart. When I came across this beverage, I decide to try it immediately. I can feel that all the selling points are integrated together which create a lovely product, especially it is particularly liked by consumers. It’s not just a feeling about success, but also an enjoyment of creation.