OpenF2F Class Notes 31st March (Celeste)


engineer (N gin eer)

places ( pl A siz)

centre / center  ( sen ter)

cry ( kr I )

Today I write my daughter. – Today, I wrote about my daughter.

Today, I read about a little girl.

Today, I watched a movie about two fish.

What is this book about? This book is about learning English.

My daughters has been crying for wash face and brush teeth.I don’t know why is cry for that. I often said to her “You must clean and beautiful meeting everyday.Nobody likes dirty girl”But this scene is nothing help.She alway asked before washing face “mom could you tell me a story””Ok .Just one “I repeated,but I ‘m done .She said “One more ” So she always spend long time for wash face and also I will feel very tired.Wash face is hard task for me everyday.

My daughter cries when she washes her face and brushes her teeth. I don’t know why she is crying because of that. I often say to her “You must be clean and beautiful when you meet people everyday. Nobody likes a dirty girl” But this sentence is not useful.  She always asked before washing her face “mom could you tell me a story?”, “Ok .Just one” I repeated, but when I ‘m done, she says “One more”. So she always spends a long time to wash her face and also I feel very tired. Washing her face is hard task for me everyday.

i spend a long time to do sth
i spend a long time doing sth

would a child choose to say “ying jie”?

i have been doing sth + recently

i do sth + every day / often / always …

to cry for sb / sth = they are crying and they want that thing / person
eg. when a baby is very young they always cry for their mother / cry for their 安抚奶嘴 (dummy)