OpenF2F Class Notes 28th July (Celeste)***

Next Class: Please review the edited story  and teach ‘beneficial’ and ‘toxins’.


One day holiday

Last work, my mother told me she have a day leave on this weekend, it is prefect that if we can go to some place and play together. We spent 3hours to discuss where we can go. So the result is that go to public bath named jiletang with my brother and husband.

We can stay here one whole day, such as playing zillionaire game and reading books , as well as taking a bath. It is interesting in the public bath that we can make out a lot of sweats, we just stay at a room resemble stove. The temperature of room is very high, the highest is 72

One day off

Last weekend, my mother told me she will have a day off this weekend, it is prefect if we can go some place and play/spend time together. We spent 3 hours to discuss where we could go. So the result is/ we decided to go to the public bath house,  Jiletang, with my cousin and husband.

We can stay there all day and play the Zillionaire game and read books, as well as take a bath.  In the public bath house it is interesting/beneficial for us because we can sweat out a lot of toxins, if we stay in a room  that resembles a stove. The temperature of the room is very high, the highest degree is 72.


choose / choosing / chose / will choose v.

hot tubs / jacuzzi – big, hot baths

restroom -WC

rest area / rest stop – place for people to stop and rest when they are driving for long periods of time

relaxation room/area / lounge – place where people can lounge and relax

you can stay there for the whole day
you can stay there all day

some areas is no chairs
There are no chairs and sofas in some areas