OpenF2F Class Notes 24th May (Celeste)


The area of structure which are the rici park of SIIC has 280 thousand square meters. It inclouds more than 1800 houses where are 3000 elderly people can live. This complex have shopping areas , fit center, hotel, hospital center with ruijin, the college of elderly and so on, all of the service centers are for golden life of the elderly people.


The total area of all structures combined within Rici park of SIIC is 280 thousand square meters. It includes more than 1800 houses where 3000 elderly people can live. This complex has shopping areas , a fitness center, a hotel, a Ruijin hospital, a college for elderly people and so on, all of the service centers are for the golden period of elderly people‘s lives.

includes – in cloo dz

I made fake eyelashes so I can don’t makeup.

I wear fake eyelashes so I do not have to wear makeup.

I get fake eyelashes put on so I don’t have to wear mascara.

mascara (mass care uhh)

wear makeup

eg. Harmony, are you wearing makeup?

eg. Celeste likes to wear makeup.

do makeup = put on/apply makeup

eg. Sherry, will you do my makeup for me?

eg. I will go to the salon and the lady will do my makeup.

eg. Can I do your makeup?

makeup remover – liquid/cream/gel used to take off makeup

face wash – liquid/cream/gel to clean your face

take off/remove makeup

eg. Every night before we go to sleep, we need to take off our makeup.

First I take a little makeup remover to take off my makeup around my eyes. Then, I used face wash to clean my face.