OpenF2F Class Notes 17th March (Celeste)

The vendors sell unclean food to customers.

unclean – rotten / spoiled / moldy / bad

Ex: The vegetables are rotten and smell gross.

Ex: Last night, the server at the restaurant brought me spoiled chicken.

Ex: The bread is moldy. We can’t eat it because it is unsafe/dangerous.

My honeymoon hotel

My husband booked our honeymoon hotel which is a island in Maldives yesterday. The hotel was built upon a sandy beach,and occupied the entire island. It is a grate hotel for couples to enjoy their honeymoon.

Let me introduce something include in hotel servers:
1)skimmer, which will pick us from airport to the hotel
2)All food are free, there are a lots of food、fruits and drinks
3)Daily schedule, the hotel will arrange one time see sightseeing, one time selling course and others water sports every day
It sounds so grate ,right. I am looking forward to this hotel and honeymoon.

The honeymoon will be full of my arrangements. I want to read some books within other people and record nice sightseeing by sketch at every afternoon.