Open F2F Notes 19th December (Tony)


A Japanese company

I’m an Accountant

can’t come here

can’t go there

8:30~17:30,22:00 – I should work from eight thirty to five thirty, but I usually work until ten.


Rusty(adj) – a skill that is out of practice, long time without using. “My English is a little rusty.”

Rust (n) (v)– a brown color on metal, if it got wet eg: “There is some rust on that nail(n).”

wet (adj) – has water on it

until – up to a point in time eg: “Today I worked until 6pm.” “I don’t need to work until 10pm.”

From now on – start now, and no finish time in the future eg: “From now on I will finish work at 6.”

last week, this week, next week

Original –

My english is rusty,so I can’t write english sentence well right now . But I hope I can speak and write in the year 2017.

Correction –

My English is a little rusty, so I can’t write English sentences well right now. But I hope I can speak and write better in 2017. From now on I don’t need to work until 10pm. I will take more English classes, because I will have more free time.