Open F2F Class Notes _7th June (Harmony)




reminisced – to recall a memory that you shared with sb and discuss it – “rem in ist”
eg. we reminisced about our childhood

long time no see = it has been a long time for me to see you 

ensemble – on som bull, outfit, clothes

excessive = x sess iv, too much of sth

  1. He drank anexcessiveamount of alcohol.

Eg.  The amount of jewelry she wore was excessive.

Eg.  Her perfume was excessive.

Potty:  a childish way to say toilet.

Eg.  I have to go potty!


ready (reddy)

sociologists (so – see – all – oh – gists)

percent (per – sent)

physically (fiz – ick – ul – lee)

biased (by – assed)


bias (by – as):  judging something based one pre-determined ideas/ your views from sth else.

halo (hay – low):  the circular golden thing above an angel.

more readily (red – al – lee):  more quickly/faster to/ more likely

attractive people:  good looking people

grooming:  anything you do to look better. Shower/ brush your hair/ style your hair/ makeup/ brush your teeth.

think that we more readily judge women, and so presentation becomes important to them= We are more likely/ are quicker to judge women, so their looks (their presentation) become important to them.