Open F2F Class Notes _22nd Mar (Harmony)

things (thhhhings) stick your tongue out

twice (twise)

charged: (past tense of charge)  the cost they asked them to pay. how much it cost.

ex:  The store charged me 5RMB for my water.

ex:  They charged me 100 kuai. 

ex:  The coffee shop charged 10 dollars. – the coffee cost ten dollars. 

price (prahys)

pricing (pry – sing):  to price something, to give it a cost.  The amount of money that must be given.

ex:  The pricing for leather is very high. = The amount of money for leather is expensive.

ex:  The price of her upper clothes, which were sheep leather was expensive.

ex:  What was the price of that jacket? = how much money was that jacket?

quality: the strength or long – lasting ability of something.  Made of excellent materials/ good workmanship.

ex:  I like to buy quality clothes because they will last longer.

ex:  I never buy quality clothes and bags. 

ex:  I only buy quality food for my family. 

leather:  the skin from a cow, a material that will last a long time.

ex:  Bags made from leather are good quality.

ex:  My bag is made of leather, from a cow.

ex:  I like to wear a leather jacket to keep warm.

percent = %

Last Sunday I took My daughter went to picked strawberry with my friend. My friend children are twins. They are very petty.
My daughter was very happy,because she has sisters to played with her .
We are picked a lot of strawberries.After I invited My friends to my home.I washed fresh strawberries for girls The three girls ate a lot.They are likes that.
We are have a dinner together. That was good day.

Last Sunday I took My daughter to go to pick (took her to go picking strawberries) strawberries with my friend. My friend‘s children are twins and are very pretty.
My daughter was very happy, because she has sisters to play with her .
We picked a lot of strawberries.After I invited My friends to my home.I washed fresh strawberries for the girls and they ate a lot and/because they liked that.
We had a dinner together. It was a good day.

I went to the park yesterday. Also, I had a good day.

We are going home (verb + ing)
We are good (adj)

during the time my work has been very busy + so i have a lot of time + but i waste it + because when I should learn English I usually do another thing + which I think a lot of people do too.

I usually do another thing which I think is bad.

I usually do another thing that I should do.

I have a computer which is made by Apple.

I have a computer which is really good.

I have a computer that I use everyday.

what = “the thing”
which = describe directly
because = reason
and = describe more
so = result
but = opposite idea
that = describe indirectly