Open F2F Class Notes 7th January (Joseph)

Listen news.

Listen to the news.

Movies is a interesting things.

Movies are interesting.

Sci-fi (science fiction)

I don’t see that.

I haven’t seen it.

Sometimes I will listen music.

Sometimes I will listen to music.

Charisma (e.g. He is a charismatic leader)

It’s very useful in daily life.

The negative aspects of human personality.

In my opinion, music isn’t an effective way of learning English.

TV series.

I think they have better, more complex story lines.

Chinese internet has  In China there are a lot netizens. Because of this, we have a lot of new net-words and are updated  the up-dating speed is fast they are consistently updated. Recently, Chinese netizens created some interesting words and the “skinny blue mushroom” was one them of words.

One netizen, Aafter his girlfriend broke up with him, he said “I felt sad and I wanted to cry”. But However, due to his Guangxi accent it sounded like he said “Lanshou, xianggu”, which meant means “Skinny blue mushroom”. Before he uploaded this video to Weibo, he never thought he could become so popular. and As a result, his girlfriend got back together with him againwent back again.