Open F2F Class notes 6th August (Eddie)

metabolism = how our bodies use food to keep us alive

elaborate = complex =/= simple, basic

56 minorities =

majority =/= minority

narrator = the person who tells the story or talk while a movie is playing

commentator = the person who talks during a sports game

TV anchor / presenter

TV host

1. Claim to do something (Is it right).

He claimed he had cleaned the house. (That’s what he is saying; we do not know whether it is true or not). 

2. I know them better than you do. (I am more informed than you. / I am more familiar / closer to them).

3. In the 1990s – in the nineteen nineties / in the nineties / 1990, 1, 2, 3 – in the early nineties 

4. Worth

Many people think that Donald Trump’s net worth (n) is much less than he claims.

Don’t punch him, Sam! It’s not worth it!