Open F2F Class Notes 31st July (Jesse)

rather than / instead of 

eg. instead of going shopping outside we can purchase (pr) at home online

purchase – PUR chase 

the future of ____ = the current idea for how it will develop in the future 

eg. the future of computing involves VR 

eg2. the future of teaching is online with computers 

i think it will become real / i really think it will happen one day / i believe it will become a reality. 

Writing next time: focus on longer sentences without chinglish translation, instead make simpler chinese sentences in your head and then translate. 


Science is developing fast ,which makes the world more different than before.In the past,the way to buy something was going out to shops.Now ,we can purchase everything at home oline.What’s more,we used to pay with cash.Now ,we can pay with kinds of ways,such as bank cards,credit cards ,app of Alipay and so on.

There is an imagination of alipay.In the future,can we pay using our own faces,fingerprints,even tatoos?I think it will make sense.


Science is developing fast, which has made the world completely different than before. In the past, the way to buy something was going out to the shops. Now ,we can purchase everything at home online. What’s more, we used to pay with cash but now, we can pay in many kinds of ways, such as bank cards, credit cards, an app named Alipay and so on.

The future of Alipay is that we can pay using our own faces, fingerprints, even tatoos? I think it will become a reality.