Open F2F Class Notes 30th July (Ben)


Public bicycle service

We HAVE SEEN a lot of people riding the same style OF bicycle recently, SO we looked up some information about it on THE Internet.

It is a public bicycle service AVAILABLE to every citizen.

You have to install an app, open an account and pay 300 hundred YUANS AS A deposit for it. You can get your hands on the bicycles everywhere on the streets and scan the QR code on THEM through the app to unlock THEM.

You can rent THEM as long as you want FOR 1 yuan PER half-hour through online payment systemS.

Before that, we had another public bicycle service FROM the government, which WAS unconvincing because you had to get a card from the government, rent A BICYCLE and return it at A FIXED place.

So although it was free, FEW people used it. (less and less people used it over time)

We tried this public bicycle service this morning. It was so convenient TO find them through GPS ON the app and ONCE/WHEN WE WERE finished, WE just stopPED, locked THEM AND WE LEFT THEM on the street. That’s all.
I think that’s the benefit OF the widespreadNESS of THE mobile internet. We can enjoy this kind of service, which helpS us save money and makeS our liVES more convenient.

benefit from = I benefit from the mobile internet
the benefit = That is the benefit OF the mobile internet
leave / left / left