Open F2F Class Notes 30th July (Ben)


It is a new servICe from aN APP that we can USE TO borrow a bike from anywhere and ride A bike anywhere.

The APP just chargeS one yuan FOR ONE TIME. Today, we tried it out. We rode a bike from home to smart English. It WAS really very useful and convenienT.

Let me SAY more:
Firstly, download the APP and register AN ACCOUNT
SecondLY, pay 299 yuan as A deposit
Then you can search FOR the nearest bike you can borrow because there is A GPS system in the lock.
Thirdly,scan the QR-code, the lock WILL OPEN by itself. Ride it AND go
Finally, you CAN just stop anywhere near THE road. The APP will CHARGE YOU one yuan.

YOU see, it is very convenienT and healthy. At the same time, you can losE wEight.