Open F2F Class Notes 27th March (Jesse)

pollution – wu ran

eg. the air pollution is bad today

common < > rare 

eg. drinking coffee in Italy is common but drinking bai jiu is rare

i usually take the subway

I often take a taxi to work

i learned English in 1 year = i used 1 year 

i learned English for 1 year = i have studied 1 year

i will go to Japan in 1 year = after 1 year I will go to Japan 

skin – pi fu

sui ran – even though 
eg. i like coffee even though it can be unhealthy
eg2. she is happy even though she is very tired all the time

2 years younger than her

take care of her children and her husband

tiring – makes you tired

eg. i think working every day is tiring

bored / boring

eg. i am really bored in class because the teacher is boring

mortgage – money you get for a house

eg. she can’t move house now because she hasn’t got the mortgage yet.

I have many “friends”. We just to go to dinner, shopping, travel and chart. But they can’t understand my heart. Still sometime I maybe change friend, because I don’t like her. My heart some times was be hurtled.  Finally I’m very happiness, because I have one true friend, my best friend.  I can tall to she every time when I was 伤心.  Her name is Dabao and 35years old.  I think she is very beautiful and very ability.

I have many “friends” and wjust go to dinner, shop, travel and chat but they can’t understand my heart. Still sometimes / occasionally I maybe change friends, because I don’t like them because sometimes they hurt me. Finally I’m very happy, because I have one true friend who is my best friend. I can talk to her every time when I was very sad / upset .  Her name is Dabao and she is 35 years old.  I think she is very beautiful and very smart (cong ming) / good at everything (you neng li) / she is amazing (hen bang)

some time = future (jiang lai)
eg. let’s go to travel together some time