Open F2F Class Notes 25th February (Tony)


I should put four pieces together so they can stand, then make the top and bottom.

the time before last time

after graduating from school

Carve – to cut into a shape

eg: “I plan to do some woodworking and carving.”

chopsticks – kuazi

eg: “I carved some chopsticks.”

Q: Question    A: Answer     CA: Corrected Answer

Q: When did you learn to carve wood?

A: I learned to carve wood for one month.

CA: I learned to carve wood one month ago.

Q: How did you get into woodworking?

A: I get into woodwork through do more exercise.

CA: I got into woodworking by doing some training.

Q: How many pieces of wood did you use to build the box?

A: I used six pieces to made the whole box.

CA: I used six pieces to make the whole box.

Q: What kind of tools did you use?

A: I used two machines.

CA: I used two machines, a bandsaw and a lathe.