Open F2F Class Notes 23rd Aug (Daniel)

Sightseeing – visit the place see the place

Penguin – a bird from south pole

Impulsive – not rational

We went to Hong Kong last week. It was not an impulsive trip. We have decided to  celebrate our wedding anniversary in Hong Kong half a year ago, because it is the place I proposed.

It is also one of my favorite places, because it’s pretty similar to Shanghai, with the similiar colonial history and the fusion of eastern and western culture.

It was one of colonies of Britain until 1997. It is deeply influenced by British culture, the morning tea habits, the double-decker bus, and even the name of roads. It still keeps the rail way of bus in the centre of the city, and it is still functioning.

However, I think it’s a good place for travel, but it’s too crowded and expensive to live. In addition, just like Shanghai, people in hong kong are not friendly to tourists, especially the people working for the local restaurants.

In general, it’s an interesting place, and also a meaningful place for us. We will go there again to celebrate our coming anniversaries.