Open F2F Class Notes 22nd April (Jesse)

get sth out of your system – to do something enough so you don’t feel the need to do it much more

rebellion / rebellious – the feeling of wanting to fight authority 

eg. 14 year old kids are very rebellious

self alone – alone / by myself 

several times – quite a few times / many times / quite often / multiple times 

ah counter 

I started meditation last week, and I am very excited to start the journey of meditation. Meditation brings so many benefits to us. First of all, it will make me keep clam and inner peace; second, it will strength my ability to handle the stress. Third, it will help me become more focus on the current staff. Forth, I will learn to control my emotions better. At last, it will increase my creativity. Anyway, I love meditation and I will keep practicing. When my son grows up, I will teach him to practice meditation.