Open F2F Class Notes 22 June (Peter)


Because you later – because you’re late



For example – 比如说
Week – 星期

Verb – 动词

Adverb – 副词

Noun – 名词

Adjective – 形容词

Review – 复习

Practice – 练习

Speak/talk – 说

Chat – 聊天

Right – 对,右,就

Ex. I’m right, you’re wrong. (对)

Ex. Go straight, then turn right. (右)

Ex. It’s right there. (就)

Write(跟 “right” 一样的发音)- 写

Water – 水

To ask for directions – 问路

Direction – 方向

Left – 左

Right – 右

Hand – 手

Turn – 拐

Ex. Please turn right OR please turn left.

Side – 边

Ex. The restaurant (饭馆) is on your left side. (餐厅在左边)

Go straight – 一直走

Ex. Please go straight, then turn right. The restaurant will be on your left side. (请一直走,然后右拐,餐厅就在你的左边).

Game, match, or competition– 比赛

Ex. There is a football game on Friday night. (There is a football match/competition on Friday night).

Unhappy – 不高兴

Whole – 全

Sentence – 句子

Polite – 礼貌


[Number + time] + ago

Ex. Two days ago = 两天以前。

Ex Last week = 下周 OR one week* ago, 一个星期前

*Note: If you have more than one week, you must say “weeks.” 要是你有一个多星期,你得用 “weeks.” For example, “two weeks ago.” 如果你有多个,得加 “s.”

从这里到[place]怎么走 = How do you get to [place] from here?

Do you mind taking a picture of me/us?

How do you say this word  (怎么读)?

What does this word mean (这个单词是什么意思)?


Week (long “EE” sound)

Ago (uh-GO)

Practice (PRACK-tiss)

Match (“A” as in “apple”)

Unhappy (un-HAA-pee, “U” as in “but”)

Direction (dih-RECK-shin)

Restaurant (REST-rawnt OR REST-uh-rawnt)

Straight (rhymes,押韵 with “late”)

Turn (sounds like “tern”)

A man can fail many times but he isn’t a failure (FAIL-yer) until he begins to blame (责备) somebody else (其他).

Polite (puh-LITE)