Open F2F Class Notes 18th August (Raph)

Arab: 1- person, food or country from the region that takes most of the Middle East and North Africa. 2- 阿拉伯
E.g.: Egypt has the largest population in the Arab world.

Muslim (n): 1- a follower of the religion of Islam. 2- 穆斯林
E.g.: There are many muslims in Xingjiang.

Ingredient (n): 1- any of the foods that are put together to make a dish. 2- a component part or element of something.
E.g.: Mix the ingredients together.

Grown-up (n): 1- adult person
E.g.: Being able to cook my own meals makes me feel like a grown-up.

Rescue (v): 1- save (someone) from a dangerous or difficult situation.
E.g.: The firemen rescued a man who was in the building.

Orphan (n): 1- a child or animal whose parents are dead
E.g.: He was an orphan since his parents died in a car accident.

Q:What did you have for lunch?
A: I had Arab food.

Why you learn English? It’s a normal question, Since I start to learn English, lots of people asked me this question? My answer for that, sometimes I replied that My work don’t use English right now, but in the future, good language skill will made me find a good job easily. Sometimes I said It’s a interesting thing for me and I just need to do something on my leisure time. Sincerely, learning some languages are not need reasons. Sometimes It just a way to understand other culture, and I have second language without my native language is a very interesting thing.

Why do you learn English? This is a question that lots of people have asked me since I started learning English. To answer that, sometimes I say that, although I don’t use English at my current work, having good language skills will make it easy for me to find a good job in the future. Sometimes I say that it’s an interesting thing for me and that  I just need to do something on my free time. Honestly, learning languages is something that needs no reasons. It is just a way to understand other cultures and learning a second language is a very interesting thing.