Open F2F Class Notes 16th June (Daniel)

Launch – start doing a project

Membership – to be a member

Percentage- 百分比

Privately- not in the open

Resource – Zi yuan

Government background – government Bei Jing

Lot – a piece of land

Social connection – people you know

Administrate – manage

East beach is administrated by two different parties.

Dear Mrs. Tian,
First of all, I would like to wish you a happy birthday! Our company is organizing a birthday party for all the members who were born in May, and we look forwarding for you joining us. You will meet other members that may become your future neighbor and make some friends after you move into the apartment. We also have other games for everyone, I hope you will enjoy this party. You can take a plus one as well. Have a good day and happy birthday to you again.

Sherry Jiang