Open F2F Class Notes 16th June (Daniel)

Overdue – last longer

I don’t want cooperation with anyone else. – I don’t want to cooperate with anyone.

We achieved an impossible task.

Credit – approval

Keep you in the loop

I am strong enough for current position.

New colleagues

Recently, there are two new colleagues just joined our campaign. One is creative director, specialized in copy base, the other one is the assistant of account director. The assistant of account director is my new superior. But in fact, I don’t like this new arrangement. I need report to him about my work and the relevant process and I am not used to it. This is because I have been managed my brand by myself for a while, and my clients recognized my hardworking and are willing to refer me new business. I want to continue to be in charge of this brand. I can keep him in the loop of everything, but I don’t want him to supervise me or my brand.