Open F2F Class notes 14th June (Eddie)

in a row – one after the other, with no break

E.g.             I am extremely tired; I stayed up for three nights in a row.
Eddie is drunk because he just had five beers in a row.

1. drink / 2. drank / 3. drunk

1. I drink milk every day.
2. I drank milk yesterday.
3. I have never drunk baijiu.

I drank too much wine. Now, I am drunk.


A few days ago, I received a message of my QQ from my childhood friend. She brought me to a wechat group. I was surprised to find the group which are all of my primary school classmates.suddenly the childhood memory thrown out, I have not known their conditions for about 20 years. I talked to my neighborhood and deskmate of childhood. we shared our child photos that took in primary graduate. When I came to my country, I know how to find them.

A few days ago, I received a QQ message from one of my childhood friends. She added me to a WeChat group. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of my primary school classmates were in this group. Suddenly all kinds of childhood memories came back. I had not heard from any of them in about 20 years. I caught up with my childhood neighbor and desk mate and we shared our childhood photos that were taken on graduation day. Now, whenever I go to my hometown, I know how to find them.