Open F2F Class Notes 10th March (Jesse)

my job focuses on the brand

he / him / his

she / her / hers

this brand is under unilever

i am working in advertising and i am responsible for so many unilever brands.

i am very interested in art. i love painting so i think the job is connected closely with my interests.

on the first day i did the exporting which is the most simple job. my first brand was sprite, who are under coke, and i did some work about data. i needed to summarise the data in excel.

it was very different to what i thought. the difference was that the job had a lot of things that i didn’t like to do but i had to do.

near = close

nearly – bu dao

closely – jin mi de

in – big / period

on – shorter / day

at – shortest / time

yeah it’s basically like that. – ji ben shang / cha bu duo

what = the thing / the meaning / the idea / the ……

What to talk about today ?
Let me say something about the meeting with my client just now / just before.

The scope of the meeting was about lifebuoy which is cleaning product brand , there are three products ,including bar of soap ,body wash and hand wash products. The brief was they need a digital campaign to promote the fact that they are a disinfectant brand and that they can protect you. They have a celebrity who is BBH, a popular TV actress in China.

Today is the second round of our proposal meeting. We were fully confident in our idea but unfortunately, the idea was not good for the client. They said that our idea did not include the key point – device which is a ring that can clean the germs from trolley at supermarkets. The other point is we will find the consumer behavior to enrich the engagement in the digital campaign .

Ok bring on tomorrow. Although I don’t want to have round three.T_T

all of them in the world? – “+s

just 1? – “a

a special one (this/that) – “the” / “this” / “that”

use the name? – “name