Open F2F Class Notes 10th July (Peter)


I’m just want to – I just want to

I really like there – I really like it there

Foreigners dancers is full of strength and passion – foreign dancers are full of strength and passion

I don’t want to find a job that only just dance – I don’t want to find a job that is only dancing

More faster, more good to find a job – I want to find a better job faster

I haven’t know what is it – I still don’t know what it is

I’m born to a very outgoing person – I was born a very outgoing person

Everything has changed since when I’m a teenager – everything changed when I was a teenager/everything’s been different since I was a teenager

This is really bother me – it really bothers me



Physically-demanding – something that requires a lot of physical ability

Ex. Dance is very physically-demanding, while the same cannot be said for music.



Technique (teck-NEEK)


I wanna talk about something about my double personality, it because that really bother me sometimes, like actually I’m a very outgoing person, I love smile, I love talk with somebody and I’m also like to make lot of friends. But, these things just didn’t anymore…


I want to talk about my double personality, because it really bothers me sometimes. Actually, I’m a very outgoing person; I love to smile, I love to talk to people, and I also like to make lot of friends. But, I don’t always feel this way anymore…