Open F2F Class 23rd July (Jesse)

what? – what do you mean? sorry? 

there’s a joke that there is Africa – goes like
eg. there’s a song that goes like “dum de dum dum”

i want to back to home town – remember: back is NOT a verb
eg. I want to go back to my hometown

teached me – taught me a lot of grammar 

separate – fen kai
split – when 1 thing becomes 2 parts
eg. the road splits

i woke up on 9 o’clock then i prepared something about myself, clean, makeup, and chose the clothes and dresses and go out to take part in a party of jesus.

i woke up at 9 o’clock then i got ready to go out by cleaning, doing makeup, and choosing my clothes and dresses and went out to take part in a party with my christian friends

choose / chose / choosing


I had a business trip to DaLian last four days,the weather was so good,cool and comfortable,we ate a lot of seafood ,fresh and delicious,and we went to the bangchui island,where is for government’s leaders,the scenery is beautiful,spoondrift is bellow,seagulls flying in the sky,the wind touched my face,every thing is blank in my mind…When I back to Shanghai,I feel I enter in a even,breath the fire, I want back to DaLian
I had a business trip to DaLian for the last four days, and the weather was so good, cool and comfortable. We ate a lot of seafood, which was fresh and delicious,and we went to bangchui island which is for government leaders. The scenery is beautiful, the waves bellow, seagulls fly in the sky,the wind touches my face,every thing is blank in my mind…When I came back to Shanghai, I felt I entered into an oven that was breathing fire. I want to go back to DaLian
official = government person