Open F2F Class 12th February (Tony)

Have been – use to express something over a long period of time

eg:     Q: “How have you been?”      “I’ve been good, how about you?”

I can anything I want to do

I think I can work in a bakery

I was bored, so I learned to cook some things

Sitting at home all day is boring

can of coconut juice

i baked a strawberry cake

Original –

I Had one month didn’t come to English class because I have a very long holiday but I just stay at home for learn cook and watched movies, usually I Work too busy so have too long holiday but I wake up every morning I look at the iPhone. just check I still in the holiday. Nothing to do is very good but good time is very short. Work time is coming. I need work.except next holiday is come.

Correction – 

For one month I didn’t come to English class because I had a very long holiday. But I just stayed at home to learn cooking and watched movies. Usually my work is too busy so I have a long holiday. But I woke up every morning and looked at my iPhone. Just to check if I was still on holiday. Having nothing to do is very good but it’s very short. Soon I will go back to work. I need to work until the next holiday comes.