Open F2F 10th February (Cricket)


In Shanghai on our house is not possible. In Shanghai owning a house is not possible because the prices are too high.

Writing exercise

Today, I watched a interesting video that about a drunk man’s speech. He lie on the ground near a car and started his speech. He said he drunk a lot, so he would not went to driving. He could called police officers, hospital and his wife to picked he to home, he must not drive by herself. He prefer to be a worm to crawl to home. Not driving if you drunk, we need to follow traffic policy.

The clue is clean, the speech have a right thinking, no any problems.


Today, I watched a interesting video  about a drunk man speaking. He lied on the ground near a car and started to speak. He said he drank a lot, so he would not drive. He said he could call the police, hospital, or his wife to pick him up. He said he prefers to be a worm and crawl home. He also said he would not drive if he is drunk, because he needs to follow the traffic laws.

I think the man had the right ideas and he won’t get into trouble or harm anyone.