Online Class Notes 24 Jan (Trista)

Ear set

head phones

Ear phones

Head set

Chicken noodle soup

In their life they always are cook soup –

Cantonese people are always cooking soup in their daily life.

A big part of Cantonese culture is cooking soup.

It can cooking for whole days

It can be cooking for the whole day

It can cook for the whole day.

Salt (n.) / salty (adj) –

The water from the sea tastes salty.

Oceans are full of salt water.

Fresh water <>Salt water

From the materials –

Ingredients (food)

Meat is used as ingredient

Meat is always used as an ingredient.

What is your most valued possession?

Different times I had some different recently I think the most valued possession for me is the kindle. I use it everyday.

At different times in my life, I have valued different possessions. Currently, my most valued possession my Kindle because I use it everyday.

I like reading and it suggest different book everyday so I open to see what’s new recently. Sometimes my friend sends some books to me which said is interesting.

I love reading and my kindles suggests different books to me everyday. I turn the kindle on and I can see what’s new and interesting. Sometimes my friends send me book recommendations and I can find new books that way too.

One of my friends just came from Japan and she took us several bookmarks which are made of paper and shaped like a little girl.

One of my friends just came back from Japan and she brought us a souvenir. It is a paper bookmark that is in the shape of a little girl and it is cute and good quality so I plan to keep it for a long time.

I haven’t been to foreign country

I haven’t been abroad

I haven’t been to any foreign countries

I plan to go to someplace further –

Further away

Jing do – Kyoto

Vegetarian – no meat