Interview work 26th May (Jesse)

The point of an interview is to find the best person for the job. 

the best person must have: 







hard working

give up easily? or work hard

1.       Introduce yourself.

2.       What was your CET-4/6 score?

My CET score was _____ which I feel is a bit low but at the time I didn’t work hard enough, and I have learned a lot from that experience and work much harder now that I have grown up.

3.       Talk about your family/hometown/hobby/ favorite food /favorite singer/ the students in your dormitory / *** Airline

My favourite _____ is ______. Let me tell you bit about it….. 

4.       Describe a historical person in China

I want to talk about Liu hu lan because I think she is __________ and made such a big impact on China when she ________ (did what?) 

5.       Why do you want to be a pilot?

love flying / interested in planes & aviation / making the flying experience comfortable for customers 

6.       What is your parents’ opinion about you choosing to be a pilot?

support me / encourage me / be positive 

7.       What skills and type of character do you think you need to become a pilot?

trustworthy / honest / friendly / polite / confident / strong / patient / positive / responsible 

8.       How do you improve your English/ handle stress and pressure?

a lot of reading every day / speak every day / do sports / watch tv / go for a run 

9.       What should you do when you are admitted to the flight school?

prepare / keep fit / get to know my classmates / learn about the flight school

10.   Give us a simple description of your former school and major.

nantong uni / electronics / big / beautiful / far from my home / great school

11.   What was the most special courses that you took in your former school?

maths / electronics… it was all very interesting 

12.   Give us a brief introduction of certain professional courses you have studied.

SE (English), music (learn how to sing in a choir) 

13.    What efforts did you take / preparations did you make for this interview?

class with native english speaking teacher / read a lot about English and interviews / think about the questions you might ask and try to stay positive

14.    What would you do if you do not pass this interview?

continue to work hard learning English, exercising, and learning about being a pilot. I would also apply to other universities and courses to get another chance to become a pilot. 

15.    What are your weaknesses and strengths?

weakness = sometimes not confident, doubt myself – working hard to fix and improve

strength = good at communicating, honest and friendly with everyone, positive at all times.

16.    How would you overcome a major obstacle during your studies?

be honest and talk with my teacher about it / stay positive / try to get through it

17.    What makes you feel sad in your life?

dishonest people or people that steal or do bad things to other people

18.    What is your opinion about the accident of Malaysia Airline?

just so bad, it upset me a lot as many adults and children died from all over the world. this was such a sad event but i’m sure the pilot acted with professionalism and honesty during the flight… well, i hope that he did as I know how important that is for customers during moments of fear. 

19.    If you are the CEO of your company what will you do and why?

i would be honest to my customers and staff, learning all the time to make sure i’m prepared, i would be friendly and positive to everyone around me, even when i experience hard times, i will continue and push harder to keep my dream alive. 

20.    What is your expectation of your further personal development?

i hope to become a pilot first being polite, friendly, honesty and professional all the time. I want to work for a big airline, that can support me and teach me how to be the best pilot i can be. 

4 times a week – 4 ci 


the 4th of May

i am 4th in my class 

i am on a diet to get ripped 

i’m fasting for 16 hours a day 

stop eating at 10pm, then you can’t eat until 3pm the next day

give me some minutesgive me a moment / give me a sec / give me some time 

go down / scroll down

what did you do when you first started studying at SE? 

when i first joined SE I spoke with the course consultant, who was very friendly and gave me lots of information. I asked her many questions about how to book classes, which teacher fits my needs, and what time of day is the best for me to come. I think it is really important that students are organised and prepared for classes, so every class I will review my notes, and i also bring my notes to class with a pen, ready to study. 

What should you do when you are admitted to the flight school?

When I am admitted to flight school, i think i should take car eof my body a lot becasue that is really important for pilots. when i first arrive, i will talk with the staff of the flight school and ask all the quesitons…

doubt myself 

sometimes i am not confident enough and i doubt myself but this is something i am working hard to fix.