Group Class Notes 7th March (Jesse)

Retrospection on job rotation setup

l  What is good and what needs improvement?

First, it’s a good chance for me to get familiar with the node around my own product, and in turn I get to know my own product much better than before. For example, the same Create Session Request message maybe corresponds to different mobility management and session management. When I tried to drive knowledge sharing between 2 products, one experienced FT told me that she was very interested in all the mobility things about MME, but she has worked in Ericsson for more than 4 years.

Second, I worked with lots of excellent people / great workers, and l learned a lot from them. The first time I realized that the work of testers can be really important, because they are the people who control the whole quality, which is something I learned from training. Therefore, training is really important.

My job is to buy tv Ad time. Clients give me a monthly budget and which city (market)they want to buy in, how many Grps (units) are planned and during which period . When I receive this order, I book time from a Tv station, make several plans for every city and put it into action / get it started / make it happen. Last month, Tianjin did not reach the goal that I gave as the audience rating was not reached

Have you ever been in a traumatic situation?

Yes, I have been in a traumatic situation before. when I was 17 years old I dated some guy who was my class mate. One day I received a phone call from his mother who wanted to have a conversation with me somewhere. She hoped that we could break up and said a lot of bad things to me. She also phoned/called my family and my teacher to complain about me how I seduced her son. Since then I got a traumatic feeling in situations such as when the phone rings I got scared, I had nightmares also and they continued for several years. But if you compare it to a life and death story maybe it’s too fussy.