Group Class Notes 31st March (Jesse)

Today, my colleague shared a video with me on wechat when I arrived at work. It is about a quiet and elegant girl turns into a nanny, mother, a worker,the wife,the daughter as multiple roles… so really a super-girl.

In the story, the father was a little sad because he looked at a man who had promised his daughter will take care of her. He didn’t help his wife, but on the contrary, the daughter was serving him which was like taking care of a big kid.
when the father saw her husband he was sad because his daughter did everything by herself which is the same as it is in his home. The father didn’t do any housework while his wife did everything by herself.
In this scene,the son-in-law of leisurely watching television,drinking coffee and playing computer,on another side,the daughter was busy with houswork.At this moment.I believe that the Dad’s heart is unconfotable.
All kinds of houswork just like daily life for this doughter,but the father’s heart is full of tears.He began to regret that he makes example as same as his son-in-low in several years ago…..
This wrote so far,I felt sadly,too also let me understand that the impotant to make a good example to next generation.
share sth with sb
go to work, then go home.
i watched a movie about a girl who goes to work every day = the subject is
i heard a song that goes like “la la lalala la laaa…” = is similar to
in English we have a saying that goes “what goes around, comes around” = that is