F2F Class Notes_4th June (Eddie)

Next session, continue with interview questions.

What’s new? – Nothing much. Business as usual.

9.       What should you do when you are admitted to the flight school?

prepare / keep fit / get to know my classmates / learn about the flight school

The first I should keep my body healthy.

The first thing I will  do is to keep fit and healthy.

10.   Give us a simple description of your former school and major.

nantong uni / electronics / big / beautiful / far from my home / great school

I went to Nantong U for four years. The Electronics Department was in a big, beautiful building. It was a little far from my home, but it was a great school. I miss it every day.

   What was the most special course that you took in your former school?

maths / electronics… it was all very interesting 

Math was the most special course, but I also liked electronics. To be honest, it was all very interesting.

12.   Give us a brief introduction of certain professional courses you have studied.

SE (English), music (learn how to sing in a choir)

Let me think. I took an English course at SE for 2 months, then I took a music course where I learned how to sing in a choir, and I also took a CPR course, which to be honest was very helpful.

CPR = cardio pulmonary resuscitation

procedure – a standard way of doing something

13.    What efforts did you take / preparations did you make for this interview?

class with native English speaking teacher / read a lot about English and interviews / think about the questions you might ask and try to stay positive

I have been taking English classes with native speakers, I have been reading a lot about English and interviews, and I have been thinking about the questions you might ask.

I moved into this house 7 years ago.

I have been living in this house for 7 years.