F2F Class Notes Tue 15th Nov (Tom)


April – 5th month of the year

e.g. the department store will open in April

Hesitant – not decisive

e.g. my manager is hesitant to choose a time for our meeting

Luxurious – higher quality, more unique

e.g. the products we will provide should be more luxurious

Craftsman/craftswoman – man/woman who does crafts or art

e.g. I will choose a new craftsman for the second exhibition

High end – more exclusive and luxurious, and usually more expensive

e.g. we want to feature for more high end brands in our department store

Exclusive – available to a select group of people

e.g. the brands we will choose are more exclusive than everyday brands

Mainstream – common

e.g. we are looking for stores which are not very mainstream

Affluent – rich

e.g. our target audience is more affluent than the ordinary customer


there is always be delaythere are always delays 

give a higher level – give a better atmosphere

our customer will confusedour customers will be confused