F2F Class Notes (Tony)


Can we reschedule?

Jeff: Hey, you know the meeting we have with AmeriCorp at 6pm?

Tony: Yeah, I just finished the presentation for it.

Jeff: Well, I think we have to reschedule it 2 hours earlier.

Tony: Earlier than what? Earlier than now???? that’s not possible.

Jeff: Of course Earlier than 6pm, so that would make the meeting at 4pm. Does that work for you?

Tony: No, I told you we have the conference call with KoreaCorp at 4pm.

Jeff: So, can we do the meeting 2 hours later?

Tony: Ok, later than now? It’s only 12 now.

Jeff: No, later than 6. The original time. So, it would be at 8.

Tony: Alright, let’s confirm the time with AmeriCorp.

does it work for you? – it is ok for you, not bad

eg: We’re gonna get Spanish food for dinner in JingAn. Does 7pm work for you?



I went to the Guangzhou

You know Jeff? the Jeff from Samsung? or the Jeff with a lot of tattoos? Oh, I guess it’s a different Jeff.

My Grandma told me how Guangzhou was different when she was young. The Guangzhou she knew is gone now.

Give me a bag.

Which bag?

The bag with my name on it.

Past Tenses:

they called me