F2F Class Notes (Tony)


it takes up all my time

do you ever have the problem

meet the trouble/problem

were you affected by the cyberattack

did the ransom work, no I paid it and it didn’t work

it was the first time I met her

run into – to meet accidentally

eg: I ran into some problems at work.

eg: I ran into my old colleague on the subway.

task – a responsibility or small job you must do

eg: I have too many tasks at work, I’m overwhelmed.

ransom – some money you demand by taking sth. from someone

eg: They took her daughter and asked for 1 million dollars ransom.

ransomware – a virus or software, like the “WannaCry” software, ask for money to unlock your device.

eg: Many people in our company were affected by the ransomware.  Their files were held for ransom.

sync – short for synchronize, or to match exactly

eg: You can protect your files by syncing your device to an online server or cloud storage.

Tips for Presentation in English:

  1. Use English Logic.
  2. Keep it simple, don’t use too many words
  3. Present some information that most people don’t know. New Information
  4. Don’t be redundant, Don’t present irrelevant info.