F2F Class Notes (Tony)


give you a recommendation

wonton – hun tun

Prepositions for Place:

too – more than you want

too near – too close and in a bad way

too far – farther than you want to go

not too near – is near, but not very near

too close – want it farther away

eg: He is sitting too close to me.

Right Next to/Across the street – Very next to, Exactly next to

Right after/before

Just down the... street/ Block/  Hall

cooperate – to work together on a project, daily tasks

eg: My school cooperates with many companies

recommend – to say someone should do something

eg: I recommend the soup dumplings.

picky – you like to pick/choose exactly which one you want, not any others

eg: I am picky about which restaurant I go to.

can’t do everything right – Did 9 things right, and one wrong  (Not ALL Right)

can’t do anything right – did 10 things wrong, not one was right  (Not ANY ONE right)

I will eat everything on the menu.   (You will eat all the things on the menu)     (too much food)

I will eat anything on the menu.      (You are not picky, any dish is ok)


Not Bad – Na Bad  (Often the T is pronounced very soft)

recommendation – Reh Ke Men Day Shun

cooperate – Ke Wah Puh rate