F2F Class Notes (Raph)[S]


Cheat on sb (v): 1- If you cheat on your husband, wife, or usual sexual partner, you secretly have a sexual relationship with someone else.
E.g.: She found out that he’d been cheating on her.

Instructor (n): 1- B1 a person whose job is to teach people a practical skill:
E.g.: My diving instructor is a really nice guy.

Coral (n): 1- 珊瑚

Snorkeling (n): 1- 浮潜

Scuba diving (n): 1- 水肺潜水

United Nations (n): 1- 联合国

Speaking exercise


It was a opportunity for me that I could take a responsibility for a product line. I can show my ownership for that, because my colleague couldn’t work good enough for those clients, and that’s why my boss decided to return this line to me. I reviewed the products and the brand direction of Terrex. I feel too coincidence because it is where I interested. I experience scuba diving and hiking, so I have the topic that can share with our clients, which will make good relationship for me with my clients. I made plan with my clients that we can hiking together if we have time.


I just received the news that I got an opportunity to take responsibility over an Adidas product line, Terrex. I am taking over this project because my colleague couldn’t work well enough with the clients, and that’s why my boss decided to hand this line over to me. I reviewed their products and brand direction and I felt that it’s an amazing coincidence that I got assigned this line. Terrex is an outdoor sports line, which is something am interested in. I have experienced scuba diving and hiking, so I have a lot of things in common with our clients, which will help me build a good relationship with them. We even made a plan to go hiking together if we have time.


Clothes materials – Clothing materials.

We take our masks closely with face. – We put our masks close to our faces.

Underwater diving – Scuba diving.

Water sea – Seawater


Coral: /ˈkɔːr.əl/

Snorkeling: /ˈsnɔːr.kəl.ɪŋ/

Scuba diving: /ˈskuː.bə ˌdaɪ.vɪŋ/

Distribute: /dɪˈstrɪb.juːt/