F2F Class Notes November 17th (Ben)


a pirate 海盗

Pirates of the Caribbean

do yoga

I never do yoga.

紧急 an emergency

I want to learn English for emergencies.

Image result for emergency

environment 环境

The video game Journey has a beautiful environment.

Everybody should protect the environment.


一次 once

两次 twice

三次 3 times


I don’t free time –>  I don’t have free time to do yoga.

I will go there one month –> I will go there for one month.

What play games now –> What games do you play now ?

I to do this project –> I am doing this project.

Airport vocabulary

luggage = baggage = a suitcase

Do you have any luggage? Yes, I have a suitcase and a bag.

plane 飞机

destination 终点

Today, I am flying to Paris, but it is only a stopover. My destination is Montreal.

flight 飞行

domestic 国内 / international 国际

I usually only take domestic flights, it’s the the first time I take an international flight.

a stopover 飞机中转

I have a flight from Shanghai to Montreal with a stopover in Paris.

take-off  起飞/ land 降落

We will take off on Monday and land on Tuesday.

airline company

The best airline company is not Ryanair.

departures 出发/ arrivals 到达

When you arrive to the airport, you must go to the departures area. In Canada, your colleagues will wait for you at the arrivals area.

terminal 航站楼

Before you go to the airport, you must check your terminal. Be careful ! Some terminals are only for domestic flights.

check-in 登机

staff 人员

boarding pass 登机牌

When you check-in, the staff will take your luggage and give you a boarding pass.

When you check-in, you can ask the staff to give you a window seat or an aisle seat.

passport control 护照检查

visa 签证

You can say goodbye to your friends and walk to the passport control area. The staff will check your passport and visa.

security check 安全检查

Then, you must go through security check.

gate 登机门

Walk to your gate and wait for your flight

board 上飞机

flight attendant 空姐

fasten your seat belt 系好安全带

When they call you, you can board the plane, say hello to the flight attendants, go to your seat and fasten your seat belt. If you are lucky, you have a window seat, if not, you have an aisle seat. If you are very unlucky, you have a middle seat.

You must keep your seat belt fastened during take-off and landing.

After landing, the flight attendants will help you get off the plane. Walk to baggage claim, get your luggage, then walk to the [passport control / immigration] area, then go to the arrivals area. Your colleagues should be waiting for you if they have your flight number. If not, walk to the exit and find a way to your destination.