F2F Class Notes November 14th (Ben)


keep someone company = stay with them

If the new guy feels lonely, please keep him company so he feels better.

You are going to keep yourself company for the rest of your life.

lute = The guqin is a kind of ancient lute

scores 乐谱 = written music

peculiar = strange or unusual

Guqin scores are very peculiar.

a folk tale = an old traditional story

The story of Boyaziqi is a folk tale.

tangled = twisted together in a messy way

My earphones are tangled.


It’s not easy thing –> It’s no easy thing

things I have always wanted to do

I have always wanted to play the piano and speak English.


now + 3 years =  in 3 years

[not now]+ 3 years = 3 years later

Today is Monday. Thursday is in 3 days and Saturday is 2 days later (=in 5 days)


now – 3 years = 3 years ago

[not now] – 3 years = 3 years earlier / before that

I joined Smart English 1 year ago but I started learning English 5 years before that. (=6 years ago)

Today is Monday. Saturday was 2 days ago and Thursday was 2 days before that. (=4 days ago)