F2F Class Notes March 1st (Ben) [Xiao Qi]


nuts and bolts = 螺丝和螺栓 the fundamentals, the basic principles

a megillah = a long boring story (or a Jewish scroll)

The Christians have the Bible, the Jews have the Torah.

flotsam and jetsam = the shipwreck and the debris = a collection of diverse unimportant items = bits and bobs

When I move houses, I will give my flotsam and jetsam to charities.

souped-up = modified for higher performance

There’s no need to take a souped-up Ferrari if you just take it to go shopping.

tooth and nail = passionately fighting

Everyone wanted this job, I fought tooth and nail to get it.

a charlatan = someone who lies on his skills or knowledge = a fraud

Don’t trust this doctor, he doesn’t have any degree. He’s just a charlatan.

a cross-dresser = someone who dresses the opposite sex (usually men who dress up as women)

pass the hat = collect donations (many struggling artists work for free and only rely on donations)

hooey = nonsense, empty talk

His speech sounded like a big lot of hooey to me.