F2F Class notes June 13th (Christian)

Sarcasm(noun) = Saying something that may seem like an insult but its actually a joke/ pretending not to know something that you perceive as obvious and common knowledge

Eg: you sounded so sarcastic when you told me I was late.

Deskjob = job in front of a computer
Eg Im not a big fan of desk jobs.

Timeframe= the amount of time needed to do or “build” something
Eg: The timeframe needed for this project may span over several years.

Bruise- A mark on your skin caused by impact (broken capillaries)
Clumsy= make a lot of mistakes
Eg: im so clumsy I always drop my phone
Eg: Don’t be so clumsy, you cant drop your phone again or it’ll break

Range = rainG

Scab= the brown skin that grows over a wound to heal it
Eg: as a girl you always had scabby knees.
Eg: I have a scab on my elbow
Eg: I have scabs on my knees

Braces: the device used to straighten your teeth
Eg: I used to wear braces/ I used to have braces.