F2F Class notes July 24th (Ben)


I had had an operation

automobile parts

in the navy

He asks me how I am.
Most of the conversation is about me.

Most of the conversation –> There is only ONE conversation (today)
Most conversations –> Almost every conversation

Besides Gansu, Shanghai is the place where I have lived the longest (so far).

abroad = overseas
Have you ever eaten XXX?

Lanzhou noodles in other places are not genuine.
Gansu is like a strip.
The climate is dry. One part is the desert.
There are many plants.

They are desert mountains.
think / thought / thought

“He looks handsome, he looks like a soldier!”

Weren’t they afraid when you said you wanted to join the army ?

No matter where THERE IS A flood, you must fight it.
Continue = keep going
“The show must go on”