F2F Class Notes July 1st (Daniel)

In the morning

In the afternoon

At night

In midnight

8 o’clock in the morning

10 o’clock at night

Three fourteen in the afternoon

Five to four in the afternoon

1 quarter.

2 half.

A quarter to 5.

When did you leave your place?

I left my place at one thirty in the afternoon. 1:30 pm

When did you hail a cab?

Did you take a cab here?

Yes, I did.

I hailed a cab around 1:40 in the afternoon.

After I got in the cab, I told the driver to go to Jiangan Temple.

Where did you tell the driver to go?

I told the driver to go to Jianan Temple.

How was the traffic on your way here?

The traffic was very bad on my way here.

Was the traffic bad on your way here?

Yes, it was.

When did you arrive at SE?

Finally, I arrived at SE around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.